Головна сторінка - тут головні новини з усього СУМівського світу

 CYM's Svitova Uprava held a Plenary Session on November 9-11 2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where a number of important topics were considered regarding the evolution of CYM. Stay tuned for more information on a range of topics from Svitova Uprava. 

 International Charitable Fund "Ukraine 3000" summed up the first nationwide contest for the best Ukrainian children's magazine educational and entertaining. Won in the contest magazine "Krylati"; Fund "Ukraine 3000" will make this publication subscriptions amounting to 4000 UAH.

Congratulations "Krylati" on winning in the contest and getting subscriptions for 4000 UAH.




Read it! After visiting CYM in Ellenville Serhiy Fomenko ("Foma", the leader of the group "Mandry") writes about his "Discovery of America" and the Vyshkilnyj camp in Ellenville on his blog at "Ukrainian Pravda."