Vote for the E-Zine of Druzhyna Kulturnykiv of Ukraine

Hartuis, druzi!

Many of you receive the Ehe Zh! E-zine every month (if anyone doesn’t but wants to please email your request for subscription to In 2009, Druzhyna Kulturnykiv of Ukraine started to publish Obizhnyk Kulturnykiv that has developed into an independent Ukrainian cultural e-zine and now has around 300 subscribers including not only sumivtsi.
In case you don’t know much, or know nothing at all about Ehe Zh! – it is an e-zine about culture and everything associated with it. Literature and music news; interviews with Ukrainian musicians, writers, and community leaders; life of the Ukrainians in Kyiv, small towns, and abroad; travelling... all of it you can find in the e-zine. A fresh view of young people who not only consume culture but create it themselves – that’s what we offer.


We want to spread out the word about the Ukrainian culture. We want it to be associated with an interesting intellectual product instead of sharovarschyna and graphomania. We want the Ukrainians not only to consume but to create. Therefore we’ve registered Ehe Zh! as a creative idea at the Idea X National Competition. The idea that wins gets 100.000 UAH. We need them to become a monthly printed magazine to be available both in the capital and any small town.

The winner of the Idea X will be chosen not only by the experts but also through voting. That is why we really need your votes and support! Druzhyna Kulturnykiv is asking all sumivtsi –
  • If you still haven’t voted for Ehe Zh! Ukrainian E-zine please do! To vote, go to, login via Facebook or VKontakti, refresh the page, and press "Я – за!".
  • Send out an email with a flyer to all your contacts asking to share this information further.
  • Share the information on social networks – in groups you belong to, messages, on your friends’ walls etc...
  • If you are in touch with any NGOs or community leaders email them asking to get involved.
Druzi, we will very much appreciate your support!


Yours sincerely,
Druzhyna Kulturnykiv 

Ukrainian Youth Association in Ukraine



проголосуй за часопис!