Statement of the National Executive of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Ukraine on the Ukrainian Parliament vote of 06/05/2012

Statement of KU CYM Ukraine

 Members of the Ukrainian Youth Assocaition in Ukraine (CYM in Ukraine) are deeply outraged by the adoption, in its first reading, of the law "On the Principles of Language Policy" № 9073, intoduced by MPs from the Party of Regions, S. Kivalov and V. Kolesnichenko. 

The adoption of this law occurred despite protests by the National Academy of Sciences, the Ukrainian Council of Churches, the OSCE High Commissioner, a committee of Parliament and even the Finance Minister of this government.The adoption of the law once again highlights the arrogant attitude of our government toward the interests of the Ukrainian people and toward the Constitution. Under the guise of protecting the rights of minorities, the Act raises the status of the Russian language, but does so at the expense of the Ukrainian language, and is essentially an official government endorsement not to learn the Ukrainian language and to ignore it in all spheres of life.

The bill is a threat to national security because the change to make the Russian language dominant in some Ukrainian regions will contribute to our country's involvement in questionable geopolitical projects created by the Kremlin and will instigate separatist sentiment both in the eastern and western parts of our country.

CYM in Ukraine considers unacceptable the final approval of this bill and encourages members of Parliament to withdraw it in order to avoid resentment and unrest within our communities.